Sharing The Holiday Spirit With Central Roast


Central Roast is an all-natural snack food company and personally one of my fav’s. They have a wide range of products from organic to artisanal nuts to keep your snacking habits both healthy and well above satisfactory.


I'm so thrilled to be teaming up with them this month for their #ShareTheExperience Campaign. With the Holidays amongst us there is truly no better time to share and show gratitude then now.


The campaign focuses on 12 days of sharing, which allows me to choose who and why I am going to be gifting my packages of snacks with. I have chosen to donate the nuts I was given to the Guelph Food Bank because I know they will end up in the hands of someone in need. Too many companies out there produce super toxic snacks and with their lower end price point unfortunately that is all a lot of people are able to afford.  I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to be able to pass on natural and healthy snacks to those in need.


I really love the initiative behind this company and the #ShareTheExperience campaign. Very glad I got to be a part of this sharing experience during the Holiday season! I’m already working on creating some more boxes of healthy food to donate.

To follow along with this campaign and hear other peoples stories follow @central_roast on Instagram.


Happy Holiday’s everyone!