Cozy and Casual With Sport Chek

With the holidays quickly approaching and the snow coming in hot, I am doing my best to stay bundled up and still get outside!


I love working out but in the winter however it’s so easy to look outside and pass on my gym time. That being said, so far this year I have stayed pretty damn committed! I made sure to get proper gear to be able to comfortably trek to the gym on the snowy sidewalks and in the below freezing temperatures. Living in suburbia without a car in the winter has kind of been killing me but I can’t use that as an excuse to sit around and morph into a human potato. Staying active during the winter months is truly the only thing that keeps me feeling sane. That and daydreaming of summer of course.

I recently got some awesome and very weather appropriate clothing articles from one of my favorite sports shops, Sport Chek. I mostly wear track pants and casual gear throughout winter because I can’t handle going outside without two pairs of pants on lol. Pants that I can layer over pants are the perfect solution. I was having trouble finding vegan boots that would be practical, warm and not obnoxiously large in size so was super stoked when I finally came across a pair of non-offensive Sorel boots!

I’ve linked all the comfy casual pieces from my outfit below so you can easily shop them. Happy Holidays!