Paying bills with Paytm!

To be honest, I’ve definitely always been one of those people who don’t pay their bills on time. Either I forget, remember and just put it off, or am “too busy” to sign into all of my accounts and pay each bill individually. When Paytm approached me about trying out their app that was recently launched here in Canada, I admit I was skeptical.


After navigating through the app, discovering it’s many features and finding out you receive points that you can redeem for gift cards when you pay your bills, I was surprisingly sold! Free money for doing something I inevitably have to do anyway is a total win.


 Allow me to take you through Paytm and give you a little insight on the app and what I have discovered while using it.


Firstly, as soon as you download the application and create an account you automatically receive 500 points. That being said, starting September 25th you will receive 10 000 points when you join! Hopefully that in itself will be enough incentive to give it a go! Once you have your account you are then able to log into a vast majority of bills that are out there in your name. For instance, phone, utility, taxes, credit cards and insurance. Yup that is correct, a one stop shop for all of your finest bills in one designated area, just waiting to be paid. What a delight! Except it actually kind of is because of both the point system and convenience. For every dollar paid you receive one point.  Each brand offers a different free reward depending on the amount of points you want to redeem. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of brands partnered in the Rewards Marketplace. There is definitely something for everyone to utilize!


Another helpful feature in the app is SmartDeposit, which was designed so that you’re able to securely deposit money from your linked personal account into your Paytm account. This feature allows you to set up an automatic withdrawal that will transfer into Paytm cash every 2 weeks making it even easier to get your bills paid on time!


Lastly, Paytm also allows you to transfer money to other people with an account, truly making it your one stop banking shop. I love when things are simplified and all in one place especially when there are cash rewards. What a great incentive for me to get my act together and get my bills paid on time! Here’s hoping for improved financial responsibility and credit score for 2019!

Cozy and Casual With Sport Chek

With the holidays quickly approaching and the snow coming in hot, I am doing my best to stay bundled up and still get outside!


I love working out but in the winter however it’s so easy to look outside and pass on my gym time. That being said, so far this year I have stayed pretty damn committed! I made sure to get proper gear to be able to comfortably trek to the gym on the snowy sidewalks and in the below freezing temperatures. Living in suburbia without a car in the winter has kind of been killing me but I can’t use that as an excuse to sit around and morph into a human potato. Staying active during the winter months is truly the only thing that keeps me feeling sane. That and daydreaming of summer of course.

I recently got some awesome and very weather appropriate clothing articles from one of my favorite sports shops, Sport Chek. I mostly wear track pants and casual gear throughout winter because I can’t handle going outside without two pairs of pants on lol. Pants that I can layer over pants are the perfect solution. I was having trouble finding vegan boots that would be practical, warm and not obnoxiously large in size so was super stoked when I finally came across a pair of non-offensive Sorel boots!

I’ve linked all the comfy casual pieces from my outfit below so you can easily shop them. Happy Holidays! 

Sharing The Holiday Spirit With Central Roast


Central Roast is an all-natural snack food company and personally one of my fav’s. They have a wide range of products from organic to artisanal nuts to keep your snacking habits both healthy and well above satisfactory.


I'm so thrilled to be teaming up with them this month for their #ShareTheExperience Campaign. With the Holidays amongst us there is truly no better time to share and show gratitude then now.


The campaign focuses on 12 days of sharing, which allows me to choose who and why I am going to be gifting my packages of snacks with. I have chosen to donate the nuts I was given to the Guelph Food Bank because I know they will end up in the hands of someone in need. Too many companies out there produce super toxic snacks and with their lower end price point unfortunately that is all a lot of people are able to afford.  I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to be able to pass on natural and healthy snacks to those in need.


I really love the initiative behind this company and the #ShareTheExperience campaign. Very glad I got to be a part of this sharing experience during the Holiday season! I’m already working on creating some more boxes of healthy food to donate.

To follow along with this campaign and hear other peoples stories follow @central_roast on Instagram.


Happy Holiday’s everyone!