Grapefruit Ginger Immunity Juice

This Grapefruit Ginger Immunity Juice will come in handy this Spring. Drink this juice to help get through a cold faster or to prevent one from happening in the first place! Don't fear the garlic in this recipe, the grapefruit and ginger are tart & spicy enough to mask the garlicky flavour. You can slightly smell the garlic but will barely be able to taste it. Garlic is a super hero when it comes to colds so give it a shot! 




2-3 large grapefruits or oranges
1-2" of fresh ginger (about the size of a thumb)
1 clove garlic
10 drops of echinacea or oil of oregano


Wash all of your ingredients thoroughly before juicing. Skin the grapefruit and chop into chunks that fit into your juicer. Juice all of the ingredients and add the echinacea or oil of oregano. This is best consumed when it's fresh out of the juicer but will last 48 hours in the fridge if you want to double the batch to last a few days. 2-3 grapefruits will make about 500ml of juice, 5 grapefruits yielded 1L for us.
Happy Juicing!