My Experience With Microblading

About a month ago I made the decision to get my eyebrows microbladed and I wanted to share my experience. My beauty regime has become pretty low maintenance, so to be able to save a little extra time in my morning routine was totally worth it. As you'll see below my eyebrows were very uneven and filling them in everyday was becoming a huge nuisance. In summer months my eyebrows are often all smudged down my face from sweating and tbh it just ain't cute. I made an appointment to go see Nicole from Brows by Bianca who actually has a background in architecture, which was a huge selling point for me! That and also looking through all of her amazing before and after transformations of course. The entire process took about two hours and Nicole made me feel super comfortable the whole time. Before you start, she mixes a blend of non-toxic pigment and tests it out on your skin to make sure it matches to your desire. The microblading tool is a super miniature comb and makes realistic hair strokes which is pretty rad. The actual procedure time was only about 20 minutes per eyebrow. And while there were definitely some uncomfortable feelings at times, it didn't hurt that bad.

The healing process took about two weeks and is similar to a healing tattoo. The first week they looked pretty dark, but as they healed they lightened up so much and looked exactly like the shade I had chose. I'm super happy with how they turned out and not having to fill my brows in is such a time saver. They should last about a year, which is great if you're not the type who is into long term commitments.

taken an hour after the appointment

you can see the individual hair strokes up close!

If you're interested in getting your microblade on, Nicole has provided a special discounted rate of $475.00 instead of the full price of $550.00. Just mention me when you're booking your appointment!