Maui Moisture Review

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I tried out Maui Moisture’s Color Protection + Sea Minerals Shampoo and Conditioner and the Thicken & Restore + Bamboo Fibers Blow Out Mist to see if it would keep my colour in check as well as offer enough moisture.


The products didn’t weigh my hair down and left if feeling pretty soft. I definitely struggle to find conditioners that work with my super dry hair type! I followed with the bamboo fibers thickening spray and it gave my hair a little extra texture as it air dried.


What I love about Maui Moisture is that as well as being vegan, cruelty-free and affordable, they’re also free from:

·      silicones

·      parabens

·      gluten

·      SLS

·      sulfated surfactants

·      synthetic dye

·      mineral oil

The packaging for this product is post-consumer recycled as well which is nice to see. It’s great that more and more companies are making efforts to cater to people who are in search of a super affordable eco-friendly product.



Urban Alchemist Product Review


I love finding new local green beauty lines that also use organic, cruelty free + all natural ingredients. I've been using Urban Alchemists product line since the fall and they've been super effective to keeping my skin hydrated through the driest months of the year. I would have to say that the best part about this line is their heavenly aromas! 

Green beauty is finally starting to become more mainstream as companies awaken to chemical-free living and I couldn't be happier about that. Natalie from Urban Alchemist built her brand to provide products consumers can trust by offering 100% natural, fair trade, organic, free from parabens, synthetic preservatives + harmful fragrances as well as being as locally sourced as possible. The price points on her line are super reasonable which makes shopping green that much more accessible if you're looking to make the switch.

I'll write a little review of my fav items below which you can click through to find all the ingredients on the Urban Alchamist website!


Lavender Body Butter

I love anything Lavender! I find floral infused products are so calming which makes them perfect to use just before bed. This whipped butter applies with ease and is super soothing and hydrating to the skin. 


Calendula Healing Balm

While nothing seems to completely heal my eczema, this calendula, shea and cocoa butter infused balm has certainly been helping to maintain my hands from splitting open from dryness. What I enjoy most about this product is that it doesn't burn my skin in the slightest no matter how raw my skin is. It's super soothing and really good to apply before bed since it's a bit on the oilier side!


Grapefruit + Lime Deodorant Cream

Natural deodorant isn't for everyone but I certainly am a huge fan! This little pot of magic has a super soft citrus infused scent and has been working great for me when applied in a thick coat. The true test will be in summer when I'm running and roasting in the blazing sun but so far so good!


Cocoa + Cookie Body Scrub

This exfoliating scrub literally smells to die for! It's hard not to want to taste just a little bit of it lol. I have tried a few different blends of the scrubs and they are all wonderful. They are gentle and leave your skin super moisturized post exfoliation due to the shea + coconut butter blended with coconut oil.


Lavender + Lemon Face Polish

Much like the body scrub, I am an equal fan of the face polish. It smells amazing, is super gentle on the skin and also leaves your face feeling moisturized after. The essential oil blend in this product is totally on point! It includes rosehip seed oil, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, and frankincense.

***FYI If you live in the Toronto area you can pick your online orders up for free!***

Elate Cosmetics


I've been using natural make up for a few years and up until recently it had been completely draining my bank account. During the summer my friend gave me a sample of Elate's foundation which is $40 less than what I had been paying for 2 years so that alone was a huge selling point. After trying out the product just once I knew it was love!

IMG_8843-2 copy.jpg

Elate is not only an affordable, toxic-free and cruelty-free line of products but they also use reusable and sustainable bamboo packaging. This Canadian company has won my heart in every way. Below I will list the products and shades that I'm currently using and absolutely loving! 


Elate Essential Mascara
Elate Liquid Eyeline - Origin
Elate Brow Balm - Smoke
Twinkle Loose Eye Colour - Ethereal
Twinkle Loose Eye Colour - Gifted
Creme Revealer - Buff
Universal Crème - Wonder Highlight
Elate Vibrant Lipstick - Blush
Full Tint Foundation - Ecru
Veiled Elation - Glowing

The foundation has great coverage, doesn't feel heavy on your skin and actually lasts all day. There hasn't been a product yet from this line that has disappointed. If you're not sure of your colour, the website allows you to choose a sample size of foundation for just $4.00. That's what first got me hooked and tbh the sample size went a long way! 

My Experience With Microblading

About a month ago I made the decision to get my eyebrows microbladed and I wanted to share my experience. My beauty regime has become pretty low maintenance, so to be able to save a little extra time in my morning routine was totally worth it. As you'll see below my eyebrows were very uneven and filling them in everyday was becoming a huge nuisance. In summer months my eyebrows are often all smudged down my face from sweating and tbh it just ain't cute. I made an appointment to go see Nicole from Brows by Bianca who actually has a background in architecture, which was a huge selling point for me! That and also looking through all of her amazing before and after transformations of course. The entire process took about two hours and Nicole made me feel super comfortable the whole time. Before you start, she mixes a blend of non-toxic pigment and tests it out on your skin to make sure it matches to your desire. The microblading tool is a super miniature comb and makes realistic hair strokes which is pretty rad. The actual procedure time was only about 20 minutes per eyebrow. And while there were definitely some uncomfortable feelings at times, it didn't hurt that bad.

The healing process took about two weeks and is similar to a healing tattoo. The first week they looked pretty dark, but as they healed they lightened up so much and looked exactly like the shade I had chose. I'm super happy with how they turned out and not having to fill my brows in is such a time saver. They should last about a year, which is great if you're not the type who is into long term commitments.

taken an hour after the appointment

you can see the individual hair strokes up close!

If you're interested in getting your microblade on, Nicole has provided a special discounted rate of $475.00 instead of the full price of $550.00. Just mention me when you're booking your appointment!